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Monday, November 9, 2009


Update: Stellan has been taken down for his emergency ablation surgery. Please pray the surgery goes well and that Stellan pulls through.

Original Post:
It is Monday, and my heart is heavy with worry. Our sweet baby Stellan is in desperate need of our prayers. His blood pressure is VERY low, his heart stopped and had to be paddled back, and he is very weak. As frightened as I am for him, it doesn't hold a candle to how frightened his family must be.

Each and every day, I find myself more and more thankful to God that my children are healthy. My heart breaks for this family and the pain and heartache they are faced with. I feel helpless. All I can do is pray for them and ask, no, BEG, for you to do the same. This situation is every parent's worst nightmare, and I would hope that if I were ever in this situation, someone would be praying for me and my child.

Mondays are usually Not Me! Mondays, but today, I'm setting that aside as I fall to my knees in prayer. Please, join me, raising your voices up to Heaven with me.

Lord, I know this situation with Stellan is not surprising to You. I know You already know the outcome. Thank You for holding this family close, wrapping Your arms around them. Please Lord, provide strength for Stellan's tired body and heart. Please be with his doctors, nurses, and other care givers, providing them with the wisdom necessary to sustain this little boy. Please Lord, hold his family close, showering them with love and peace during this most trying hour. I desperately pray that Stellan makes it through this to come home to his family. Please Lord, if that's Your plan, please make it so. In Jesus' name, AMEN.


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Anonymous said...

It is so hard..the not knowing what the outcome will be. Adding my voice to yours

Di said...

RZ - Thank you so much!

Kate said...

Your prayer is lovely.

Blessings to you.