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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rain, Rain Go AWAY!

It's another cold, dreary day here in the Land of Lincoln. It's been raining since Sunday, and it looks like that trend will continue through the next few days. Ugh. All of this rain is really starting to affect my mood, and the moods of those around me, including my kids.

So today, after work, I plan on turning that around a bit, by having a little fun around the house. Diva LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to dance, so I've planned a little surprise: a dance marathon! We're going to dress up, crank up the music, and dance our blues away! We might even have (gasp) ice cream sundaes for dinner. I like to live on the edge like that. I think this is just what we need to shake off the cold, wet weather, spend some quality time with each other, and just HAVE FUN.

I'd love to hear about the things you do when the weather gets you in a funk.


Julia said...

i wish i had a good answer for you... but i don't.

as far as the kids go, i try to do fun stuff with my 2 year old... different crafts, play-doh, make a fort or tent, have a tea party. sometimes just snuggling on the couch to a movie is good!! with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate!