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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Hop on MckLinky - Three Things You Didn't Know About Me

This week's Blog Hop theme is THREE THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ME. Since I'm new to the blogging world, there are tons of things you all don't know about me, but here are three that stand out:

I can say the alphabet backwards, REALLY FAST. It is something my mother taught me when I was in kindergarten, and it has stuck with me. Friends and family are often quite amazed at this "hidden" talent. :o)

I crochet, A LOT. I find it very relaxing as well as productive. I especially enjoy making baby items.

VERY fluffy, warm, cuddly crib blanket

Intricate lace-style crib blanket. Looks great in any color.

One of my favorites. Two strand blanket, soft and warm.

I'm sort of a Facebook addict. Not so much with the updating of my own, but of reading and commenting on what everyone else is doing. Oh, and I LOVE some of the games available. Farmtown is my fav.

Have a great Blog Hop Tuesday everyone!

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